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Dayan GuHong 3x3 Speed Cube 6-Color Stickerless V1 $4.70 Dayan 5 ZhanChi 3x3x3 Speed Cube 6-Color Stickerle $8.00
Perplexus Maze Game by PlaSmart, Inc. $14.06 Perplexus Epic $22.95
Shengshou ® 4x4x4 Puzzle Cube Black $5.69 Shengshou 3x3x3 Puzzle Cube Black $3.63
ShengShou ® 5x5x5 6.5cm V III Speed Cube Puzzle B $5.99 Shengshou® 3x3 Silver Mirror Cube $3.95
Dayan Zhanchi 2x2 Stickerless Speed Cube 50mm $8.51 Shengshou Pyraminx Speedcubing Black Puzzle $7.68
Shengshou Pyraminx Speedcubing White Twisty Puzzle $9.50 Dayan 5 ZhanChi 3x3x3 Speed Cube Black $3.75
Silver Black Mirror Cube 3x3x3 $3.92 Rubik's 3X3 Cube $8.21
Lanlan 2x2 Speed Cube Black $2.34 Shengshou® 5x5x5 6.5cm V III Speed Cube Puzzle Wh $6.63
Extreme Dot to Dot Around The USA $5.41 MagNif Money maze Puzzle $0.01
Perplexus Rookie $14.76 New 5.46cm Fangshi (Funs) Shuang Ren 3x3 Speed Cub $5.36
2013 New! Dayan Zhanchi 2x2 I Black 50 mm Speed Cu $8.19 YJ Wheel Puzzle Cube $6.30
Dayan II Guhong Plus V2 3x3 Speedcube Puzzle 6 Col $8.99 Rubik's Twist (Colors May Vary) $5.13
ShengShou 6x6 7cm Speed Cube Black Twisty Magic Pu $16.70 Diansheng 3x3 3x3x3 Stickerless Speed Cube $3.50
Omiu - Shengshou Magic Cube Puzzle 5x5x5, 4x4x4,3x $18.89 ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle $7.00
Dayan 5 ZhanChi 3x3x3 Speed Cube White $9.30 7x7x7 Cube Puzzle ,Shengshou Black Speed Cube, the $22.96
Diansheng 4x4x4 4x4 Stickerless Cube Puzzle $10.99 Rubiks Race $8.86
Dayan V 5 ZhanChi Three layer 3x3x3 Speed puzzle m $8.30 Meffert Gearball Puzzle $19.68
QiYi 2x2 2x2x2 Stickerless Speed Cube $4.20 Space Mission Maze Globe $15.68
ShengShou 6x6 7cm Speed Cube White Twisty Magic Pu $18.02 Shengshou® 3x3 Gold Mirror Cube $1.02
Lanlan Void Puzzle Speed Cube White 3x3x3 $3.72 Brain String Advanced $11.50
Sanrio Hello Kitty Stationery Set, Journal, Memo P $8.50 Shengshou Megaminx White Puzzle Speed Cube $10.30
V-CUBE 4 White Multicolor Cube - Pillowed $19.95 ShengShou 7x7 7.5cm Speed Cube White Twisty Magic $24.36
V-Cube 2 White Multicolor Cube (pillowed) $11.95 V-Cube 3 White Multicolor Cube (pillowed) $15.95
3D Gear Cube 1st Generation black Painted Sticker $10.99 V-Cube 3 Multicolor Puzzle Cube $15.95
ScienceWiz Cool Circuits $17.95 Cyclone Boys 4x4 FeiYue Stickerless Speed Cube $10.48
ThinkFun Block By Block $6.77 Maru Educational Products - Maru 3x3 Tiny 3cm Spee $7.99
Black WitTwo Type C 2x2x2 Cube Puzzle $11.70 Cyclone Boys 2x2 Stickerless Speed Cube 50mm $4.48
Thinkfun Pathwords Jr Puzzle $12.20 Dodecahedron 2x2x2 12-Sided Rubiks Cube Black $9.98
Cyclone Boys 3x3 FeiWu Stickerless Speed Cube $4.00 Shengshou® V3 4x4 Black Core Speed Puzzle Magic C $4.21
Rubik's Revenge Cube 4 X 4 $9.99 Dayan Guhong V2 3x3 Speed Cube Black $9.64
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